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Mobile Has Changed Customer

Acquisition and Retention Forever

Mobile usage is one of the most popular and fastest-growing forms of technology to ever hit the consumer market.

In fact:

* Mobile is growing 8 TIMES faster than the internet grew in the early 1990’s
* Mobile search has to exceeded desktop searches
* Mobile search has grown by 500% over the past two years
* 70% of all LOCAL searches are performed on mobile devices

As a small business owner, mobile internet usage has impacted your company’s ability to generate new leads and retain existing customers forever.

You may be aware of this, but are not sure exactly WHY or HOW mobile is changing the dynamics of your business. Unfortunately, you are not alone as most businesses still do not understand. Many think that mobile marketing is all hype and no substance; but this is far from the truth.

In order to run a sustainable business these days, companies must focus on several key points:

* Getting NEW customers (Customer Acquisition)
* Keeping EXISTING customers coming back (Customer Retention)
* Developing EFFECTIVE acquisition and retention strategies
* Keeping a strong balance between COST and BENEFITS
* Using techniques and strategies that will work LONG-TERM

The first step is to understand and implement marketing methods that are effective TODAY vs. YESTERDAY.

If you’ve found that you are not getting results from traditional advertising methods such as paper coupons, yellow page ads, TV commercials, and newspaper ads, it’s time for you to take a closer look at mobile marketing.

  Make It Easier

for your customers to find You.

Watch The Video Below,

 We make it our business to make your business more successful in the mobile sector.

With the surge in mobile internet access it would be commercial suicide for you to ignore the onset of mobile marketing. Mobile is here now, it’s happening

Mobile is the New Internet, like it or not! You need to ensure that your business can accommodate this exciting new medium, indeed you need to prioritize mobile, because you can bet your life that your competitors are!

We can advise you on various aspects of mobile marketing that will exactly suit your needs, however, central to any mobile campaigns are the mobile optimized website or even just a mobile landing page.  Ideally we’d love to help your business to embrace this opportunity by offering you a free consultation with one of our designers or marketers.

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