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We are a new Green company created to help people promote there self, Business or Organization in this new age of communication, by making it affordable.

We make small businesses look big and expose large And small businesses to more customers.

Now more than ever, people are turning to the Internet for the things they want to buy locally. In fact, 31% of consumers turn to a search engine first when they’re on the hunt for local products and services.

Indicating that people would rather type a few keywords into a search engine than go shuffling through the phone book.

Recent studies have shown that 86% of consumers who use Internet search engines to find a local product or service follow up with a phone call or in-store visit. And 61% of those end up making their purchase offline.

This means If you are promoting Yourself, Business or Organization you can no longer afford to take chances on old forms off advertising that may or may not be working for you.

We got tired of seeing some of the crazy prices a lot of on-line marketing company’s are charging and not giving any real value to there product. they also price a lot of small businesses out of the game.

So we decided, with the help and training of a large marketing company (yada yada Marketing) to offer affordable marketing that will fit into anyone’s budget.

Just because the big corporations use it doesn’t mean it has to cost a lot of money.

We will put you in front of your customer and make sure people can find you when they are looking for your type of service or product.

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